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How to Set up a Welcome Message on Your OnlyFans

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Setting up a welcome message on your OnlyFans is simple and straightforward:

  • Log in to your verified creator OnlyFans account
  • Click on the “More” icon at the bottom of the left panel
  • Click on settings on the page that comes up after clicking on the “More icon”
  • Then click on the “Chats” option within the settings configurations panel
  • Finally, toggle on the “Send a welcome message to new fans” button by sliding the slider button to the right

From there, you can write a message, include some media or pay-per-view content and save the message. But, is that all? No, this is the technical part. This article will guide you on how to set up worthwhile and effective welcome messages. Rather than focusing on the technical part of the whole process, this guide will take you through a more businesswise process, helping you foster long-term relationships with your subscribers and keep earning serious income on OnlyFans

Who are welcome messages meant for? New subscribers who await their problems to be solved by your content. Subscribers approach your content mostly with the expectations that your content helps them out in some way. A welcome message ensures that they rest assured that they are in the right place. Though, in most cases, this is not the case. Why? Numerous models lack knowledge and wisdom on how to come up with effective OnlyFans welcome messages. 

A poor welcome message set up is costly. One, your set up process may lead to a message that turns off subscribers because they feel exploited. Two, you are less likely to sell in case your message is click-bait. Finally, you risk losing existing subscribers in case the new subscriber lets other subscribers know of what they realized after reading through your OnlyFans message. 

If you are a model OnlyFans creator frustrated by the thought of getting the process of setting up a welcome message wrong, do not stress about it anymore. Here is how to make the most out of your OnlyFans welcome messages:

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Coming Up with Effective OnlyFans Welcome Messages  in 5 Easy Ways !

1. Bear Your Target Subscribers in Mind 

OnlyFans sends out welcome messages to all your new subscribers. That is after they have subscribed. Meaning, the subscribers must have found your content through the various types of marketing channels you utilize such as social mediaa personal website, and more. Essentially, the new subscriber is pleased and curious to have finally subscribed to your content; therefore, your welcome message must help them transition smoothly into satisfying their curiosity to finding a reason to stay. That is why you must review your persona descriptions or any other general description you have outlining the traits and thoughts of your target subscribers. 

As stated earlier, subscribers reach out to your OnlyFans page believing that you have the solution to their problems. Thus, before you start curating a welcome message, you must go through your plans and strategies to determine the problem you are solving and for whom you are solving it for. This way, you get to understand what may be running in the thoughts of your potential subscribers while in search of your page and what encourages them to subscribe to your page. After understanding what encourages them to subscribe to your OnlyFans, you get to tap into the source of encouragement and enhance the feeling that your subscribers get after subscribing through a personal OnlyFans welcome message. 

Whether you are an OnlyFans creator starting from scratch or with an established OnlyFans business, you must have a plan and strategy defining the niche you serve. Niche defines the type of content you create. For example, you may be selling fitness or feet pic content. Based on the niche you chose to create content for, review the descriptions of your target audience and come up with a new description of your current target subscriber. 

Your new persona description should focus more on the goals, values, and desired experience of the target subscriber. Why? They have already bit the bait and are ready to consume your content to satisfy their needs. 

To come up with a working persona description, wear the shoe of the target subscriber. Then, figure out what the subscriber values, what they would love to achieve from viewing your content, and how they would want to feel while viewing your content. These details will help you when tinkering with the purpose of the message and curating it.

Keep in mind that, for every persona description you make, there would be a message suitable to it. Personas change from time to time because subscribers have different values, goals, and anticipated experiences.  

2. Brainstorm on the Purpose of the Message and Curate the Message 

Since you have an idea of whom you are going to curate a message for, proceed to define the purpose or objective you want to attain through the welcome message. Having a purpose or objective makes it easier for you to monitor the response you get for each welcome message you curate. Depending on the purpose you settle on, come up with a realistic and practical call-to-action. 

Among the very many reasons creators come up with welcome messages, these are the most popular:

  • Show appreciation for subscribing

You can come up with a welcome message specifically meant to say thank you to the subscriber for either taking their time to subscribe to your content or paying a subscription fee to access your content. You can also gift your new subscriber some free content to view. This act of showing appreciation motivates your subscriber to spend more on your content. Though, remember that the words you use to construct your welcome message will change with regard to the persona description you have. The same goes for all the other purposes outlined below. 

  • Promote your OnlyFans through discounts 

Since you are not limited to the way you write your welcome message, you can use it to remind your new subscriber that you are running a specific discount on particular content up to a precise time. New subscribers are likely to spend on discounted content because they feel like they are saving so much purchasing the content earlier enough rather than waiting until it is expensive.

If you do decide to announce a discount to your new subscribers through a welcome message, ensure you make it personal and show them that the discounts were specially made for them. This move entices the subscriber encouraging them to continue supporting your work. 

  • Sell pay-per-view content 

Did you know you could sell pay-per-view content to new subscribers once they subscribed to your page? Well, yes you can do that, earning you more income. Though, there is a caveat. You may risk pissing off a genuinely interested subscriber by having a pay-per-view welcome message and yet they have paid a subscription fee. Why? It makes them feel as if all you care about is their money. Therefore, if you have a subscription based OnlyFans page, avoid creating pay-per-view welcome messages, or if you have to, ensure the pricing is correct and you explain to the subscriber about the benefits they stand to enjoy. 

On the other hand, if you have a free subscription page, creating a pay-per-view welcome message is great because you get to earn some income despite allowing subscribers free access to your content. Doing so also helps you gauge the most appreciative subscribers and those who may be willing to pay more to access your content. 

  • Start a conversation 

You can also start a conversation through a welcome message. If you make most of your money as a model through sexting, this is your best chance of starting a chat from the get go. You are more likely to get responses if you include pictures within your message because it makes the conversation more interesting. You can also include a teaser video to get things rolling. 

  • Let the subscriber know what the page is all about 

Within your welcome message, you can describe the type of content you create by outlining your expertise and the problems you can solve. This move reassures the subscriber that they have approached the right person and are in safe hands. You can also highlight your boundaries and the type of content you do not make to cultivate mutual respect between you and the subscriber from the start. 

  • Highlight the tip menu to the subscriber or request for a tip 

If you have a tip menu, you can embed it within your welcome menu and invite your new subscriber to tip you. To inspire the subscriber to tip you, include a picture or video they can preview to approve that your content is valuable before they consider tipping you. If you upload quality and useful content from the get go, the subscriber will not hesitate tipping you because that is the best way they can use to appreciate your kind gesture of giving them a taste of the content they will be viewing. 

  • Inform the subscriber of the existence of a personal website they can visit 

Having a personal website saves you a lot of stress and frustrations in case OnlyFans decides to permanently ban your account. Therefore, if you are in the process of making your personal website known to your audience, you can use the welcome message feature to let your new subscriber in on the existence of a personal website they can visit to consume more of your content and keep up to date with your content. When curating a message for this purpose, do not forget to include a link to your personal website. 

After deriving the purpose of creating a welcome message, take time to compose it. OnlyFans allows you to compose your OnlyFans welcome messages in either text, image, audio, or video format. Depending on the format you want to have your message in, curate it to be valuable and impactful. If you feel overwhelmed by the process of composing a welcome message, you can search through the internet to find inspiration or use the many available artificial intelligence tools to compose one. 

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3. Upload the Message 

After curating the message, copy and paste it within the message box after navigating to the OnlyFans welcome message page. You must be logged in to your OnlyFans account and it must be verified for you to access the welcome message feature. 

After logging in, head over to your settings panel and click on “Chats” to reveal a page where you have to activate the welcome messages feature. After activating the feature, you are allowed to write text and embed different types of media including videos, images, and audio. It is that simple. 

4. Monitor the Performance of the Welcome Message 

By referencing the objective or purpose that pushed you to curate the welcome message, check to ascertain whether your objectives have been achieved. At this point, the objectives or purposes serve as key performance indicators allowing you to determine whether you have succeeded or failed with regard to the results you get. 

Always keep a record of the results you obtain after uploading a welcome message. Record each welcome message along with the purpose it was meant to fulfill. Record keeping makes it easier for you to track the changes in terms of response from your subscribers and how effective the welcome messages you sent are. 

5. Keep Advancing and Curating More Messages

Continued practice helps you come up with better welcome messages, target varied subscribers, and get the attention you deserve. To improve on your OnlyFans message curation process, evaluate the results you obtained from the previous messages you sent out and work to tweak them and keep monitoring what happens. Eventually, you will find a formula that works for you and that earns you more income from sending welcome messages. 


Composing OnlyFans welcome messages requires proper understanding of how the process works. There is a technical process to follow and a business centered procedure. This article guides you through a business wise process highly beneficial to your OnlyFans venture so that you can earn more income. Go through every step without skipping any information. Also, consider sharing this article with your network of creators. 

If you ever feel overwhelmed by doubt when coming up with a suitable OnlyFans welcome message for your business, do not frustrate any further. Reach out to Fandafia Agency for help. Fandafia is an OnlyFans agency well equipped with resources and a team of experts ready to help you achieve more. Book your consultation today. 

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