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Why is OnlyFans Banning Content? Avoid OnlyFans Content Bans

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OnlyFans bans content for varied reasons including breach of acceptable use policies and terms of service or any other reason they may view valid based on other general laws and regulatory systems of a country or to protect their users from any form of malware attacks like viruses, trojans, ransomware, and worms. 

You must have come across some OnlyFans creator stories such as those shared on Reddit lamenting of OnlyFans deleting particular content, at times without warning. Chances are, you have also had the same experience. Sometimes, OnlyFans does alert you before taking down any of your content. In the alert, they do include the reasons as to why they may be forced to take down a specific post.  

In most cases, if OnlyFans provides a reason(s) as to why they have deleted your content, you will realize that the reason(s) references OnlyFans’ terms of service declarations or acceptable use policies. OnlyFans has stringent acceptable use policies and terms of services that clearly define the type of content that is not allowed on OnlyFans. 

OnlyFans updates its terms of service and acceptable use policy from time to time to reflect current changes regarding the type of content they do not allow on their platform and several other changes. 

A good example demonstrating how OnlyFans communicates various changes to its creators and content consumers is the 2021 purported sexual content ban. OnlyFans had announced that they would ban sexually explicit content as of October 2021. Whilst planning to initiate the plan, this is how their new policy change read at that time:

“Do not upload, post, display, or publish Content on OnlyFans that shows, promotes, advertises or refers to “sexually explicit conduct”, which means: 1. actual or simulated sexual intercourse, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital or oral-anal, between persons of any sex; 2. actual or simulated masturbation; 3. any exhibition of the anus or genitals of any person which is extreme or offensive; 4. actual or simulated material depicting bodily fluids commonly secreted during sexual conduct.”

OnlyFans cited banks as the reason they were about to ban sexually explicit content. They said that the banks pressured them to stop allowing sex workers and any other person from distributing sexual material using OnlyFans as a medium of sale. The banks said that allowing OnlyFans to facilitate the sex sales with them powering the transactions did not sit well with society and would ruin their reputation. 

Fortunately, after a huge protest from sex workers and other models who make money selling NSFW “not safe for work” content on OnlyFans, OnlyFans changed their mind and put a halt to the plans. OnlyFans stated that they had come to an amicable agreement with the banks to keep facilitating transactions while OnlyFans works on moderating and regulating the type of content they allow on their platform. 

OnlyFans uses both technology and human moderators to ensure that banned content is not uploaded to the platform. Though, the moderators are not obligated to control the type of content one can post. OnlyFans’ human moderators occasionally use various software tools to filter through each account on the platform to fish out prohibited content. 

Avoid OnlyFans content bans by equipping yourself with this detailed guide on the reasons OnlyFans may ban your content. Bear in mind that OnlyFans might withhold the amount earned from illegal content once they realize that you have not been following their policy. OnlyFans can also help different authorities dependent on the country by providing your data in case an investigation is necessary. 

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Why is OnlyFans Banning Content2

Banned Content that You Should Avoid Posting on OnlyFans

1. Content Posted by You, Yet You are Not 18 Years Old and Above 

If you are not of age, that is 18 years and above, and you try to post content on OnlyFans, your content will be banned. OnlyFans will also block your account and put it under investigation because it does support the sale and redistribution of sexual material of creators aged 18 and below. Such sexual material is known as child sexual abuse materials (CSAM). 

As an underage, you might successfully penetrate OnlyFans regulatory system that works to ensure all creators are 18 years and above, but eventually, OnlyFans will nab you and take down your content. OnlyFans might report you to the authorities and provide them with the personal details you used for further scrutiny. Therefore, it is critical that you avoid using any other person’s information to access OnlyFans as you might implicate them in case OnlyFans’ content watchdogs catch up with you. 

OnlyFans scans all its databases and trains all its moderators to spot CSAM content among its loads of text, image, sound, and video files. Sometimes, your CSAM content will never make it through the initial content review process meant to approve content before it is officially uploaded to your feed

Keep in mind that OnlyFans has not implemented end-to-end encoding within its systems, therefore they have the liberty to view every form of communication or piece of data stored within their databases. OnlyFans does not have any secret, disappearing, or hidden messages feature too. Therefore, even if you are creating faceless content and you are 18 years and below, OnlyFans must ban your content once they find it. 

Moreover, if you are 18 years and above but have not attained your country’s adulthood threshold age, OnlyFans has no option but to ban your content or delete if you have already uploaded it to the platform. OnlyFans does this to ensure that it maintains a good relationship with the countries in which the platform is allowed to operate and to show support in the world wide fight against CSAM content. 

To further prevent the chances of CSAM content being sold or distributed within OnlyFans, OnlyFans makes it easier for subscribers to report any creator of such content. There is a report button baked into all accounts and posts on OnlyFans. Using the report button, subscribers can instantly reach out to OnlyFans and let them know when you decide to post CSAM content. Subscribers can also email OnlyFans’ support department through [email protected].

Generally, OnlyFans bans any content depicting a creator who is underage to protect the society. Their efforts help reduce the chances of creators taking advantage of the platform to distribute child pornography. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) also recognizes OnlyFans efforts as it receives tips and information from OnlyFans. Therefore, if you are thinking of creating CSAM content on OnlyFans, think again as you might get into legal trouble or be reported to the NCMEC.

2. Content Displaying a Co-author Without the Co-author’s Consent 

If you post content in which there is a co-author who did not consent to you posting the content on OnlyFans or their face being exposed on OnlyFans, OnlyFans is obligated to ban the content once the co-author reports the incident to OnlyFans.

At times, OnlyFans will put the content under review and request that you provide documentation to prove the consent of the co-author. Therefore, before you co-author OnlyFans content with anyone, ensure they sign proper and legally presentable consent documentation. 

To increase the chances of OnlyFans believing you in case the co-author decides to deny having signed a consent statement, you should record a consent video. Have the co-author video record themselves agreeing to appear in your OnlyFans videos or photos. Securely store the consent video and create backups for the same. 

Note that OnlyFans holds you responsible for any kind of co-authoring project you decide to undertake; thus, relieving OnlyFans the stress of having to decide who is telling the truth if the co-author claims they did not consent to featuring in your content. 

You are required to take care of the pay distribution between you and the co-author and to handle every other issue that may arise between the two of you to reduce the chances of OnlyFans banning your content once an issue arises. 

Additionally, OnlyFans does not allow content depicting modern slavery. Modern slavery encompasses activities that depict you manipulating or forcing another human to do what they do not want. For example, displaying a co-author whom you are marketing as a prostitute or escort girl. 

Horrendous content promoting human trafficking such as videos showing anyone actively selling other people for financial benefits or harvesting human organs and advertising on OnlyFans is prohibited. If you have read dark web stories of how people are butchered and mutilated, you can relate. Such content showing gore and blood shade is banned from OnlyFans.

OnlyFans follows specific patterns to find those uploading content promoting human trafficking and modern slavery. For example, OnlyFans marks IPs in areas likely to upload such content and regularly monitors the creators owning OnlyFans accounts within those areas. 

If you are found uploading content endorsing human trafficking or modern slavery, your content will be deleted and OnlyFans must report you to the law enforcers of your country or non-governmental organizations (NGO), providing them with information that would enable your capture. 

3. Another Creator’s Content that You are Illegally Redistributing 

OnlyFans requires you to respect every other creators’ intellectual property uploaded to OnlyFans in different forms. If you go against this rule and decide to resell other OnlyFans’ content on OnlyFans or post revenge porn material, you are likely to be banned from OnlyFans and your content done away with. 

Revenge porn refers to any sexual piece of another creator that you have decided to illegally redistribute to get back at them for reasons known to you. Despite having reasons, some being valid, posting other creators’ sexual pieces without their permission is wrong. 

Once a creator reports your act of content stealing to OnlyFans, you will receive a takedown notice of which OnlyFans expects you to follow. If you do not delete the stolen content from your account, OnlyFans will have no choice but to takedown the content and, if reasonable, permanently limit your account from uploading more content and withhold your earnings. 

How does OnlyFans ascertain that the content plagiarism accusations leveled against you are right? You may ask. Well, OnlyFans works tirelessly to ensure it helps its content creators protect their content. Creators have access to a free watermarking feature they can use to emblem their content with a branded outlook helping them prove that they are the original owners of the content in case you steal it. 

Other than getting your account and content banned from OnlyFans, stealing other creators’ content may also get you into legal trouble costing you hefty compensation sums in case the creator you have stolen content from decides to take you to court. Remember, OnlyFans will back the creator by providing evidence. 

Some creators such as those in the US can charge you for damages without having to go to court. OnlyFans creators in the US can file a compensation claim of not more than $30,000 through the Copyright Claims Board without having to appear in court or having a lawyer accompany them. Creators are supposed to provide evidence that you stole their content. OnlyFans know this and are always ready to back the creator by providing copyright protection statements. 

As a creator, only repost other creators’ content once they consent to it. You can send proposals to the creators suggesting how they can profit from you redistributing their content to see if they may agree with them. If they do not accept your proposals, restrain yourself from downloading their content because that is also against OnlyFans’ terms of service. 

4. Content Including a Co-author Aged Less than 18 Years Old 

To curb the possibility of creators who are of age putting individuals under 18 in danger of sexual predatory activities, OnlyFans has put in place a system to ensure that all co-authors are over 18 years. 

If you do decide to include another person in your content, arm yourself with legal documentation to prove that the other person is 18 and above, else OnlyFans will ban your content or permanently ban your account. 

OnlyFans requires that you collect all the required information from the other person you are with in a video or audio recording, or photo shoot prior to shooting the actual content. OnlyFans request for this information at your discretion from you because you are the owner of the account on which the content was posted. If you cannot provide the needed details, the uploaded video, image, or audio is automatically obliterated. 

Despite OnlyFans providing a co-streaming feature to facilitate collaborations without having to meet physically with another creator, you must ensure that the other creator has attained the age of majority. If you cannot prove that the other creator is of age, your content will be taken down and you will be liable for the damages because you invited them for the co-live stream and vice versa. 

You can reduce the time taken to obtain proof-credentials from another OnlyFans creator by providing details of their account to OnlyFans. For example, you can send OnlyFans the username of the other creator. OnlyFans will have a look into the other creators’ accounts to ascertain their eligibility. 

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5. Content Filled with Hate Speech 

OnlyFans aims to create a safe space where all creators can freely express themselves and not the opposite. That is why OnlyFans has put in place systems to help capture creators trying to spread hate speech or insight violence. 

If you post content that excludes, humiliates, threatens, vilifies, or attacks any user on OnlyFans referencing their ethnicity, race, sex, religion, disability, age, or weak status, the content will be taken down. OnlyFans will send you a warning, put your account on suspension, and in extreme cases terminate your account.

OnlyFans takes down hate speech incorporated content with the help of its state-of-the-art content filtering technology or with the help of its community. The community can use the report button or email support to report any creator spreading hate speech. 

Bear in mind that OnlyFans allows anyone to use their platform including veterans and the disabled to connect with their fans. All users must follow the terms of use and the acceptable use policy and no one is above the other. Therefore, you should never create content that demeans any creator. If you are having personal issues with a creator, find another way to solve the problem but not through creating content to humiliate or shame them on OnlyFans. 

6. Content Promoting Extreme Sexual Acts, Bestiality, and Illegal Activities 

Despite OnlyFans allowing you to sell sexual content on OnlyFans, it does not support the creation and sale of content containing extreme sexual acts such as hardcore bondage, sadomasochistic abuse, sexual assault, and extreme fisting. If you post any extreme sexual content, OnlyFans will delete it. 

Extreme sexual content has a negative impact on fans as it may give them the lee way to start practicing such scenes simply because OnlyFans allows it. Some of the scenes are intoxicating and might influence fans to start sexually violating either male or female characters. 

Likewise, OnlyFans bans any content vouching for bestiality. Bestiality is the act of any person having sex with an animal or sexually pleasuring or being pleasured it. Bestiality is forbidden in the society. If you are an NSFW content creator, avoid including any animal in your videos including a cat or dog as OnlyFans prohibits this. 

Also, you must keep off creating content displaying narcotics or illegal guns. Such content promoting illegal activities such as drug peddling and crime does not have a place on OnlyFans.

7. Content Filled with Malicious Code Meant to Harm OnlyFans or its Users 

Content containing malicious code such as trojans, worms, viruses, or logic bombs is likely to sabotage OnlyFans systems or attack the computers of OnlyFans users. That is why you must take time to scan your content for any malicious code before uploading it to OnlyFans. 

If you try to deliberately harm OnlyFans operations and infect their servers with malicious code, OnlyFans will track you down and arrest you after scrapping your content off their systems. System damage caused by malicious code is costly and if you are caught, you are likely to be imprisoned for a very long period. 

Although OnlyFans has a strongly secure system that scans every file before uploading it to their databases, you should also take time to protect your computer against malware attacks that may affect your locally stored OnlyFans content. 

Ensure your computer has an effective antivirus running throughout and regularly scan through your locally stored OnlyFans content to ascertain that none of your content has been affected by a worm, virus, trojan, or any other form of malicious code. 

8. Content Highlighting False Endorsements or Promoting Other Companies Without OnlyFans’ Knowledge 

OnlyFans bans any content that uses its name to promote specific products or services. If you are found running an account that uses OnlyFans logos, name, slogan, or any of their branding intellectual property, OnlyFans will automatically ban your account. 

Not only does OnlyFans ensure that you will not be using their branding property to promote any other product or service, OnlyFans takes pride in ensuring that no other company’s branding intellectual resources are used to run a fake endorsement on the platform. 

If you are found running a scam scheme using the names of other companies, OnlyFans will investigate the case and hand your details over to the right authorities. 

Finally, you are not supposed to promote other companies as an OnlyFans creator. If a company wants to promote its merchandise on OnlyFans, it should let OnlyFans know to make proper arrangements.

9. Content Including Public Nudity and Sex 

OnlyFans does away with any content highlighting public nudity or sex on the platform. Avoid recording videos or shooting photos while nude in public places where people can see you. This depicts an image of indecency and OnlyFans would not want to be blamed for that by society. 

Avoid broadcasting or going live while having sex in public, in a place where people can see you and the other participant. If you want to shoot any sexual content in public, select a public place such as the woods or in your backyard where there are no people present to watch. 


OnlyFans does allow you to create and sell both NSFW and SFW “safe for work” content, but it does have rules and policies defining which content you should not post on the platform. OnlyFans has banned the upload of content such as that filled with hate speech, promoting extreme sexual acts, bestiality, and illegal activities, and several other types of content outlined in this article. 

Posting banned content might get your account suspended or permanently terminated, at times OnlyFans might withhold your earnings once you default their terms of service and acceptable use policy regularly as it outlines all their changes regarding allowed and banned content. 

To avoid losing a significant subscriber base or money earned from OnlyFans, avoid posting banned content by going through this article thoroughly. Share the article with your network of creators too. 

If you are planning to hire an OnlyFans agency, be mindful of the agency you select to work with because OnlyFans holds you responsible for any kind of content uploaded to OnlyFans using your verified OnlyFans account. Work with an OnlyFans agency that aims to protect your business and ensure your continued success on OnlyFans by helping you not post content that may disrupt your business. 

To help you make the correct choice, take your time to scrutinize and see what Fandafia has to offer. Fandafia has a team of experts that keeps itself up to date with OnlyFans’ terms of service and acceptable use policy changes to ensure you are creating only acceptable content for the platform. Book your appointment today. 

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