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What Technique Do I Need When Creating Content on OnlyFans? 10 Proven Techniques

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You need a technique that leads to the creation of persuasive, Search Engine Optimized (SEO), fun, engaging, marketable, and evergreen content. Such a technique allows you to earn repeatedly from a single piece of content you upload to OnlyFans. 

OnlyFans provides you a platform to sell your exclusive and premium content in exchange for a 20% cut on the amount you make. But, numerous OnlyFans female models make an average of $180 monthly and some take home $0. So, is it that they do not post content? No. OnlyFans models do create content hoping to make a sale, but many of them lack an effective content creation technique. 

After putting aside a considerable budget, setting up your OnlyFans account, and acquiring your content production equipment, create OnlyFans content following this ten efficient and skillful process:

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What Technique Do I Need When Creating Content on OnlyFans2

1. Select a Niche 

A niche refers to a market category you choose to serve as a female model. The consumers, market size, demand, and supply, define the value of a niche. For example, if you decide to make fitness content, your niche is fitness. The number of women who want to get fit (market size), women desiring fitness (consumers), number of OnlyFans creators uploading fitness content(supply), and the number of women consuming fitness content (demand), define the value of the fitness niche.

You must consider the demand, supply, market size, and consumers of a specific niche to determine the competition you will face. Thriving in a highly competitive niche is less likely unless you have a passion for that niche and have the right team and a sustainable budget. For example, 70% of OnlyFans content is NSFW “not safe for work” content, making NSFW a highly competitive space. 

If you decide to delve into a competitive niche, collaborate with a great OnlyFans agency for proper guidance. A great OnlyFans agency will help you spot a gap in a competitive market, create a content creation strategy for you and promote your content to increase sales.

Research to find a niche with high demand, low supply, and less competition. Be creative and curve a spot for yourself by selecting a niche subcategory rather than producing generic content. For example, if you select the fitness niche, you can create content specifically for the overweight female market. Being specific aids build credibility and authority. You also acquire a loyal following as opposed to any other person who is into fitness. 

After carrying out a market category study and finding a suitable niche, go through what other creators in the same niche are doing. Since OnlyFans does not allow you access to creator’s content without subscribing, subscribe to free OnlyFans pages to know what they post on their feed.   

Assess the content of OnlyFans creators within the same niche, but owning premium OnlyFans pages by going through their social media feed. Go through the content on their social media to determine how they structure their content and the type of content they post. Note down the posts with the highest number of views and engagement. Evaluate what might have led to those posts receiving such attention. 

If your budget allows, subscribe to the top five creators of your selected niches to evaluate what they are doing right. Going through what your fellow creators are doing allows you to spot a gap. Find a gap by going through the comments section and recording the questions that subscribers ask and check whether the creator has already answered them.After going through what the competitors are doing, study the financial value of the niche. Are people buying such content? The demand for content within a specific niche informs you whether you will make money from your content despite the competitive measure. If the niche is financially valuable, settle on it, else, select a new one and evaluate whether it is worth it. Repeat the niche selection process until you settle on a single niche. 

2. Define Your Audience 

Who are you making OnlyFans content for? OnlyFans subscribers pay for personal connections and the need to have someone listening to them and fulfilling their desires. Therefore, you must know who you want to create a connection with, who you want to consume your content, and who you want to keep engaged with daily.

Developing content for a generic audience may lead to boredom because you did not specifically define who you want to reach out to you for a solution to their problems. Boredom kills your content creation morale depriving you the energy to consistently create content. 

Research and note down the psychographics, demographics, needs, desires, and wants of your audience. Psychographics define what your audience might be thinking, demographics define their location, needs look into what they cannot do without, wants define what complements their lives, and finally desires are the wishes they have and personal requests they may make. 

Males consume OnlyFans content the most while females make a larger chunk of the creators. Therefore, as a female model creating content for men, you have an upper hand if your audience is men. Regardless, if your target audience includes females, you are in luck because you will face less competition. On the other side, you will have fewer consumers. 

Check the records of your audience’s desires, needs, wants, and psychographics to approximate the age of your audience. The average age of OnlyFans subscribers is 35 to 45 years, mostly men. Age helps you to know the generation that might consume your content. Varied generations including millennials, baby boomers, Gen- X, and Gen- Z have different characteristics in terms of their thinking and desires. 

Create a persona description of your ideal consumer from the details you collect. For example, a male, aged 32, seeking to relax after a long day of work watching bikini girls, located in the UK, desiring to satisfy his sensual fantasies. Personas give you a precise description of your audience and help with brainstorming relevant content ideas that you can make to satisfy their needs. 

Having a persona description boosts the connection you have with your audience because you understand them better. You will know how to react when they make specific requests based on their characteristics. It is easier to interact and convince an audience ones you have an idea of their psychographics allowing you to make more cash on OnlyFan

3. Research Relevant and Interesting Topics 

After selecting a niche and knowing your ideal audience, research interesting and relevant topics and record them down. Ensure the topics you choose are relevant to the persona description you came up with. The topics should speak to the persona directly in a fun and intriguing way. 

The topics should be important to the persona not you. May the topic be a question or a declarative statement, it must be valuable to the persona. For example, if you are solving a problem, ensure the topic points out the issue and promises a solution. 

Classify your topics into trending and evergreen topics. Trending topics receive massive attention for a short period of time, while evergreen topics receive attention from a specific group of people for a long period of time. The specific group of evergreen content consumers may be massive or small based on how significant the topic is to them. 

You have a better chance of selling for a long time if you produce evergreen content because it is unique and durable. Be creative and think out of the box to come up with evergreen content. For example, if you are a fitness coach helping plump women get in shape, you can start a reality TV show exclusive to OnlyFans displaying how your program helps plump women achieve their fitness dreams. Come up with topics covering such evergreen content. 

Before settling on a topic, go through another creator’s content to determine whether they have covered the topic. Find a different approach for topics that have been covered or incorporate your experience as a model to make the topic unique. 

4. Go Through and Evaluate Sources 

If you select a niche that requires you to prove your credibility and authority, you must ensure that every source you obtain information from is credible to avoid fabricating facts. For example, if you create content for the lifestyle niche, specifically healthy eating, you must quote the original sources to allow your audience fact check. 

Incorporating peer reviewed research in your content enhances your subscribers’ trust. Discuss and compare what the experiments within different sources resulted to and your experience with the topic you are discussing. This way of approaching various niche-topics builds authority. 

Only use other sources to prove facts presented in your content. Do not discuss someone else’s work within your OnlyFans videos to avoid plagiarism and copyright issues. 

If you are obtaining information from the internet to facilitate content production, evaluate a site’s credibility first. Use domain authority checkers to determine the domain authority of a site. Preferably, the domain authority score should be 50 and above. For every web article you go through, you must evaluate its logical build and how the author presents his or her arguments. Countercheck the authors profile and sources cited to ascertain the reliability of the article. For example, as a chef creating OnlyFans content, you must evaluate the logical flow of the recipe and the author’s experience. 

Keep a record of every link you find meaningful to your niche for later use. You can catalog several sources by keeping a record of the links to those sources rather than copy and pasting everything to a Word document. Keeping a record and categorizing the sources based on the topic saves you time when optimizing your content for search engines and creating content. 

5. Write Audio or Video Scripts, or Photoshoot Ideas 

Select one topic along with the sources supporting the topic and decide which type of content you will create such as an audio recording, a video, or images. Based on the type of content, write either an audio or video script or photoshoot ideas. 

When writing an audio or video script make it conversational to ease the actual recording process. Include a hook within your introduction, use topical keywords within your body, and conclude by encouraging your audience to engage with your content. 

Photoshoot ideas should include the location, the props, the angles and more. Having a virtual view of what you would love your photos to look like boosts morale and gives you peace of mind when taking the photos because you have a reference point. 

Other than including keywords within your audio and video scripts, you must come up with captions that fit either the video or audio script, or the photo you will take. Captions are your first selling point of your free OnlyFans page, that is why you must brainstorm persuasive keywords to use for your captions. 

If your budget allows, hire expert audio or video script writers. They have enough experience and can easily incorporate rhetorical devices into the scripts to enhance their impact. Hiring experienced experts allows you to compete with established creators within your niche. You can source experts from freelancing sites or from agencies. 

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6. Define Key Performance Indicators 

Key Performance Indicators show you whether your video or image is attaining the set objectives. After scripting and brainstorming on what content to create, you ought to assign KPIs to each content piece so that you know what metrics to monitor.

Before deciding which metric to monitor for each video or image you plan to create, define the objective of each based on the script you have prepared. Incorporate the objectives of each piece by coming up with a clear and precise call to action. For example, if you have a video script depicting your cosplay skills, you can include a call to action at the end requesting your audience to tip you. The tipping part is your objective. 

After defining your objective, include the performance indicators. OnlyFans allows you to monitor metrics including comments, tips, and likes. For example, if you had requested for tips, the key performance indicator is the number of tips you receive after uploading the video. The lower the number of tips you get, the more effort you must put in correcting various aspects of the video. You can go through the comment section to find out what your audience thinks about your content. 

You can also decide to monitor engagement by checking the number of likes and comments you receive. Likes serve as social proof that most of your subscribers are pleased or satisfied by your content. If you have written a script that requires input from your audience, check the comments section. 

OnlyFans also allows you to monitor the location of most of your subscribers through the statistics page. If you had created content targeting subscribers from specific locations, assign this KPI to that piece so that you later go through the stats to know whether you successfully got the attention of your desired audience. 

Generally assigning an objective to every script or idea you come up with and defining how to monitor the expected results saves you time during decision making. You will also be able to know whether the persuasive cues you included within a specific piece of content worked effectively or failed.

7. Shoot the Video or Record the Audio or Implement the Photoshoot Ideas  

Finally, time for some action. At this point, you have your content creation equipment ready, including your cameras, lighting, microphones, and tripods, and the scripts plus ideas, and all the objectives outlined and linked to specific Key Performance Indicators. Now, it is time to start shooting your videos and taking photos. 

There are five key aspects to consider when actualizing your content on OnlyFans:

  • Lighting 

Your videos and photos must be properly lit else you risk losing the attention of your subscribers due to poor view. If you are using artificial sources of light, avoid backlighting as it leads to the creation of unpleasant shadows. Also, keep off the flash feature of your cameras. Natural lighting is the best source of lighting you can opt for because it makes it easier for you to manipulate the look of your video or picture by changing various settings such as exposure and more.

  • Resolution 

Resolution refers to the number of pixels within your image or video. The greater the resolution the better. If you are using your phone to shoot your videos and take photos, use the rare camera because it has a greater resolution compared to the selfie camera. If you can afford it, get a 4K camera or a phone that can shoot videos and photos in 4K resolution. Taking photos and shooting videos at a higher resolution makes it easier for you to manipulate and scale down the videos or photos as desired. 

  • Audio 

Ensure the audio of your videos is clear and loud enough for your subscribers. Use high quality microphones to produce great audio and edit the audio when necessary.

  • Location 

You might have great equipment but the location you shoot your videos or photos within may mess the quality of your content. If you decide to use any of your rooms including the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or sitting area, ensure the rooms are structured and clean. Being clean and organized shows your subscribers that you are responsible. 

The outdoor space of your house is a great place to shoot content from due to abundant natural lighting. Despite the advantage, avoid shooting content in very bright sunlight or creating NSFW content in an open space accessible to the public. 

If you can afford it, book a studio or boudoir. Studios and boudoirs give you access to professionally presented spaces and you can request the owners of the space to adjust it to your needs. To get the most out of reserving a studio or boudoir, create scripts and ideas for a large volume of content before booking one. Once you get your scripts and ideas ready, hire a studio for about 5 hours or more and shoot all your content. This strategy saves you money and allows you to have a large pile of content to sustain consistency. 

  • Volume 

Aim to create a huge chunk of content at a single go because your audience expects you to post consistently. The bulk content you create must retain a consistent quality state because your subscribers will notice in case the quality of your content diminishes.

Other than considering the above factors, your content should have the following qualities:

  • It should be fun and entertaining 

OnlyFans thrives on personalized content. Your subscribers desire to know you more and what you can do for them. In the mix of all these, you must be fun and entertaining to keep their attention. Fun content makes your subscribers happy and puts them in a relaxed mode. 

Make your content entertaining by including various challenges such as allowing your subscribers to decide what content you should make next. Make them a part of your content creation process by giving a shout-out to regular tippers and the most loyal subscribers. 

Creating fun and entertaining content makes your fans come back for more and easily support you. For example, if you want to create content and lack specific items to facilitate the production, you can include the items within your Amazon Wishlist and request your subscribers for support. Your audience willingly supports you because they would love to see you create the next fun and entertaining piece. 

  • It should provide a solution

Your subscribers pay because your content helps them solve a specific problem. Basically, you have the solution and they are willing to pay for it. Therefore, ensure every piece you make solves a problem for your audience and polishes on other solutions that exist so that your subscribers have options. 

  • It should be unique and exclusive 

Create content that your subscribers cannot find for free on the internet. Your subscribers feel privileged accessing content no one else has access to and that is why they pay. Unique and exclusive content encourages them to keep paying because they know the value they get from the content. 

  • It should be actionable

Let your subscribers know what to do next after watching your content. Include a call to action that is precise and straightforward. For example, you can direct your audience to watch more of your content or tip you. 

8. Revamp the Content to Your Satisfaction, Schedule, and Post  

Review the photos and videos you have created and select the best. If you are not satisfied, repeat the creation process following your scripts until you are satisfied. You can also adjust the scripts if necessary to come up with satisfactory content.

Proceed to schedule when you will post the content and how many posts you will upload to OnlyFans. Having a predefined schedule saves you time and gives your subscribers peace of mind because they know when to expect your posts. 

Finally, post based on your schedule. Ensure you post consistently and strictly following your schedule to avoid having bored subscribers. 

9. Monitor Analytics 

For every video and image you post on OnlyFans, you must monitor the likes, comments, tips, and other gains you make from the content. Analytics provide you insight into what you are doing right or wrong. 

Go through the comment section to find out what your subscribers think about your content. Keep a record of all the positive comments as reference when coming up with your next scripts. Use the negative comments to adjust your content creation strategy where relevant. 

Pin all your posts that receive several likes and comments at the top of your OnlyFans feed to promote your content. Videos with several likes boost the chances of you getting new subscribers. You can also go through the statistics page to determine the location most of your viewers are from and strategize on how to serve them better. 

10. Repeat and Optimize the Process 

Creating quality, engaging, and fun OnlyFans content takes time and strategizing. Work on polishing this process by repeating and making effective changes. Record every error you make and find ways to correct them. Most importantly, have fun.


Making OnlyFans content requires proper strategizing and time. To save time and the effort of creating OnlyFans content, you should have a template content creation process to follow. Read this article without skipping any step to come up with effective OnlyFans content. 

If you find the process daunting, do not give up on your dream of creating a successful OnlyFans business, reach out to Fandafia OnlyFans Agency for help. They have a team of experts ready to help you with OnlyFans content creation. Book your appointment today. 

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