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How to Stay Safe as an OnlyFans Content Creator – 7 Sure Ways!

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To stay safe as a creator running an OnlyFans business, you must first bear in mind that you are protecting two key aspects: your mental and physical health. You must consider all the factors that may cause harm to your mental or physical health while running your OnlyFans business, take precautionary measures, and strategize on how to deal with the factors once you speculate them or they arise. 

Factors that may harm your mental health include trolls coming after you, scammers getting away with your money, and more. Such factors leave you stressed and distressed, slowing your progress, and at times, prompting you to give up on your OnlyFans side hustle. Once your mental health is compromised, you are likely to make poor decisions affecting your business and life negatively. 

Your physical health can be harmed by factors including trolls stocking you and physically assaulting you, creating content without taking breaks, and more. These factors render you incapable of effectively producing more content or carrying out your daily tasks. For example, if a stalker manages to know where you live and brutally attacks you, you may be bedridden or in the worst-case possible end up completely paralyzed.  

Sometimes, the occurrence of mental health issues might lead to physical health issues and vice versa. For example, the lose of so much money to a scammer on OnlyFans and your content being leaked might lead to severe distress contributing to self-harm or the thoughts of committing suicide. Therefore, it is critical that you gain knowledge on the various precautionary actions to help you stay safe as an OnlyFans creator. 

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Staying Safe as an OnlyFans Creator1

Precautionary Measures Against Various Factors Threatening Your Safety as an OnlyFans Creator 

1. Prepare Yourself Mentally Before Uploading Content to OnlyFans 

Before posting any content on OnlyFans, you must be mentally prepared for criticism and judgment especially when you are an NSFW content creator known among friends, family, and other acquaintances. Society synonymizes OnlyFans to sex leading to expected or unexpected criticism and judgment even when you are not selling sex on the platform.

Criticism and judgment might harm your mental health if you do not know how to handle it properly. You might develop low self-esteem, start doubting yourself, develop anxiety, or think of closing your OnlyFans account.

If you are an NSFW content creator dealing with criticism and judgment, find solace in your set mission and the objectives of each post you plan to upload to OnlyFans. Your mission reminds you of the reason you created an OnlyFans business and why you should continue running your business. Focusing on the objectives you aim to achieve from each post enables you to view judgment and criticism positively and use it to improve your work. 

If you are a non-adult content creator receiving criticism and judgment, try to focus on constructive criticism and judgment to learn what you might be doing wrong or right. Do not ignore non-constructive criticism and judgment, analyze it to spot any information that may hint an upcoming danger such as a threatening message from a subscriber. 

Once you start creating NSFW content on OnlyFans particularly porn without concealing your identity, quitting is not an option; therefore, you must be ready for content leaks. The same applies to non-adult content creators. Despite OnlyFans working to protect your identity and content, OnlyFans subscribers might save and redistribute your content without your consent. 

You must create a mentality that quickly accepts a content leak predicament quickly, works to resolve it effectively, and pushes forward. Having such a mentality allows you to develop a thick skin shielding you from thoughts of financial losses or the adverse judgment you might receive. 

To reduce the impact of a content leak on your mental or physical health, you should keep in mind the ways you can use to reduce the extent of damage. For example, you should know how to send take down requests to sites hosting your leaked content or how to request OnlyFans to help you send a cease and desist request to other OnlyFans creators redistributing your OnlyFans content. 

 Generally, for every post you plan on uploading on OnlyFans, you must accept the reality that your subscribers must have both positive and negative comments. Therefore, be prepared to respond to various comments while trying to remain as civil as you can. Keep in mind that everyone who comes across your posts either on OnlyFans or other social media platforms is human and has varied perspectives. 

2. Know How to Deal with Trolls 

To stay safe as an OnlyFans creator, you must know how to properly respond to trolls’ threats, requests, and desires. Trolls aim to upset and frustrate you by strategizing and executing plans meant to sabotage your OnlyFans business by either inducing fear in you or physically harming you.

A troll might be a random subscriber or someone close to you. Trolls can send you blackmailing messages such as those soliciting money from you so that they do not leak your content. Some might start posting nasty comments of rebuke and abuse in your comment section. 

There are trolls who eventually become stalkers. They start looking through your social media details and piecing together information so that they can trace your location. Once they know where you live, they start following you around unnoticed. As soon as they have enough evidence to prove to you that they have you in their raider, they begin sending you the evidence including pictures of you in different places while forcing you to fulfill their demands. 

If you do not fulfill the demands of stalkers, they may send thugs after you. It does not matter where you are, the thugs might attack you while you are at home or in public. In the worst-case scenario, some stalkers might kidnap you and request for ransom from your loved ones. 

If you are a faceless creator, trolls and stalkers can give you a hard time once they determine your actual identity. They will use the information they have as leverage to intimidate, blackmail, or take advantage of you if you give in to their unsolicited demands. 

To reduce the chances of being a victim of either a troll or stalker, avoid clapping back at subscribers who may send you provocative or degrading messages. Mostly when you are a sex worker on OnlyFans, some subscribers may start sending abusive messages calling you a cheap hoe and all those nasty words meant to make you feel unworthy of living. Despite the emotional hurt that may come along, try to control yourself and keep your cool. 

If you continuously receive hateful comments and messages even after ignoring your potential stalkers and trolls, use OnlyFans’ restrictive tools to block them. OnlyFans allows you to block commenting for specific subscribers and limit who can send you direct messages. Filter through your list of subscribers, blacklist relentless and cunning trolls and stalkers, and finally deny them the power to comment and send you direct messages. 

If you are promoting your OnlyFans content on other social platforms like Reddit and Twitter, avoid responding to provocative comments. The stalker or troll, potentially leaving the comment, might take advantage of your responses, in case you do respond, to leak your saved content and justify their actions by referencing your reply. 

As a faceless creator whose identity has been compromised, turn down all the blackmailing requests you might receive and focus on dealing with a leak in case it happens. Take time to build a stable mental state capable of handling the repercussions and hire a data protection service that would help take down your leaked content intime before the news spreads. Data protection services such as Sidenty monitor your content and send take down requests on your behalf to sites hosting your content illegally. 

3. Be Aware of Common Tactics Used by Scammers 

Did you know that OnlyFans has scammer accounts too? Yes, there are scammers on OnlyFans out to get your cash or get free content from you. Losing money to scammers will devastate you because you feel played and you tend to blame yourself for having not seen it coming. You may also start being skeptical of other generally trustworthy subscribers hence affecting you and your business negatively because your trust is dwindling while your business is making losses. 

Scammers come in different flavors. Some scammers take advantage of OnlyFans chargeback capabilities. They will send you a tip and later request a portion of it back stating that they made a mistake sending you such an amount. But they will request that you send them the tip refund through another digital payment processor that does not allow chargebacks such as Cash App. Once you send them the refund, they request for a chargeback of the whole amount they had tipped you on OnlyFans and keep the refund you had sent them. For example, a scammer will tip you $50 and request for $20 back with an excuse that they made a mistake sending you $50. The scammer will direct you to send the $20 using the Cash App. Once you send the $20 because you think the subscriber is genuine, the subscriber requests for a chargeback of the $50 tip and keeps the $20 too. 

If a subscriber sends you a tip or any amount and requests that you personally refund them a portion of the sent cash through another platform, do not follow their lead. Politely inform the subscriber that you cannot initiate the manual refund and that they should request a chargeback of the exact amount they made a mistake sending through OnlyFans. This move leaves the subscriber with no choice but to reveal him or herself. If the said subscriber requests for a full chargeback of the amount they had tipped you through OnlyFans, bookmark them and block them. Inform OnlyFans that the subscriber may be a scammer and explain the incident to OnlyFans. 

Be aware of subscribers selling fake promotion opportunities. These subscribers are out to get your money by taking advantage of your greed. The subscribers offer you a one-time chance for you to receive a huge following in a short while for a small fee. Since you do not want to spend so much money on promotion, you end up paying for the scam promotion package. After a while, you realize that the following you had received is not converting or is not even interested in your content. 

Many of the scammers who offer to promote your content for a less costly charge usually purchase followers from different websites and resell to you. That is why the following is usually useless because it is not organic and not suited to your niche. Therefore, avoid scammers promising you a quick growth hack. 

Be on the lookout for other creators who may request for sudden collaborations without discussing key aspects of the collaborations or taking time to know you. Such creators might request that the two of you meet in a designated area to create content and eventually harm you or use the content to benefit themselves. You would end up emotionally hurt because a random creator has gotten away with your content and you cannot claim it because there were no clear agreements on what would happen and no contract was signed. 

If you ever receive a sudden request for a collaboration from any creator, take time to think twice and find a proper procedure that will ensure your safety and that of the other creator. In case the two of you are to meet, define the boundaries of contact and have someone accompany you. Additionally, sign a contract on how the benefits generated from the collaboration will be shared between the two of you. 

There are scammers who pose themselves as account managers or agencies promising to help you get more subscribers and make more sales. These scammers mostly request for your OnlyFans account login details. Take this as a red flag because they may take control of your account and steal your gains or expose your personal details endangering you. 

To avoid falling for untrustworthy account managers and OnlyFans agencies, avoid trusting any agency or account manager that approaches you. Review the website or portfolio of the agency or account manager you are about to work with and request your network of creators to help you determine whether the agency or account manager is legit. Also, you can avoid the hustle of looking for a trustworthy agency and work with Fandafia. Fandafia has a team of experts ready to help you succeed as an OnlyFans creator. 

Finally, be aware of scammers that request for custom content that you may not be able to resell and require you to submit the content quickly. Some of the scammers pay huge sums of money as a way of clouding your judgment so that you feel like you owe them a quick response. Such scammers are bound to chargeback the amount they sent as soon as you submit the requested piece of content. 

To protect yourself from scammers who sent you huge sums of money requesting for custom content you cannot resell, delay the delivery time so that you can have enough time to gauge their patience and how they will handle the situation. You can also break down the task of creating the requested content into milestones and request the subscriber to pay after each milestone you deliver. This way, they will not have leverage over you in case they decide to request for a chargeback.

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4. Take Care of Your Mental and Physical Health 

Running an OnlyFans business is demanding, but you should set time aside to take care of your mental and physical health. Ignoring your mental and physical health will render you incapable of operating that OnlyFans business that you love so much.

Sometimes you have to create content continuously because you procrastinated so much or you have so much custom content to deliver. Since you need to make more money, you keep creating content until you get a burn out and can no longer create more content. A mental burnout will make you sluggish and leave you drained affecting your capability to undertake other daily activities. 

To protect yourself from burnouts, you should take regular breaks when creating content. Go out for a walk or chat with friends and family. You can also play some games or take a nap. 

Avoid overworking yourself by accepting several custom content requests. Only accept custom content orders that you can handle comfortably. Have a working calendar with a record of all the orders you must deliver so that you know when to decline specific requests. 

You can also practice creating bulk content when you feel fully energized and psyched up and taking a rest when you feel low. Creating bulk content allows you to consistently post content, keeping your business going, while you also work on your health. 

You should also eat healthy. Avoid eating junk food and eat healthy home cooked food when possible. Ensure you are ingesting enough calories to ensure you have enough energy to keep going. Incorporate all the four macronutrients into your dish: proteins, carbohydrates, water, and fats. Do not forget the micronutrients too: minerals and vitamins. 

Ensure you are exercising to keep fit. You can work out while at home or at the gym. If you can afford to hire a gym instructor, do so. A gym instructor will keep you on your toes and help you progress quickly in attaining your desired body outlook results.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by all that is happening around you, visit a therapist. Sometimes your subscribers may be too hush on you, mocking you and not appreciating your effort to deliver the content they want. Everyone has those bad days when nothing works and everyone else is against them. If you find yourself in a situation where you are emotionally unstable, consider visiting a therapist. 

5. If You are a Faceless Creator, Protect Your Anonymous Identity 

To stay safe as a faceless OnlyFans creator, you must protect your identity unless you want to have an emotional breakdown in case your identity is revealed. A reveal of your identity may mean the end of your OnlyFans venture or may affect your mental state negatively once family and friends know your secret. 

Always put your mask on before going live on OnlyFans, sexting, or creating any other type of content. Only switch your camera on once you have worn a mask or any other face cover to hide your identity. 

When making content, change or hide your background if you are creating content within a space that is well known by your acquaintances. You might never know, maybe one of your subscribers is your friend or a family member. OnlyFans is currently used by over 150 million users and knowing who is watching you is not easy because everyone consuming OnlyFans content is trying to conceal their actual identity. 

Use a strong password and activate two-factor authentication on all your social media platforms and OnlyFans to protect your accounts. A strong password should be long and contain characters, symbols, and numbers. Having a strong password increases the amount of time that hackers have to take to crack your password, increasing the chances of them giving up the attempt to break into your account. 

On the other hand, two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection to your social media and OnlyFans accounts by requiring you to have a security code generated by an authenticator every time you need to login to your account. The popular authenticators you can use include Google and Microsoft Authenticators. 

When casually browsing the internet, you should avoid clicking on random links. Clicking on random links may bug or infect your phone with data collecting malware. If you save your OnlyFans content on your cell phone or your passwords, a data collecting malware might send this information to the hacker who created the malware. If that happens, your identity would have leaked. 

In case a hacker successfully accesses your data and knows who you are and that you own an anonymous OnlyFans account, they might threaten to harm you physically if you do not deliver what they desire. That is why you should avoid clicking on those random pop ups with links. 

To protect yourself from random online cyberattacks, you should install an antivirus and use a Virtual Private Network when browsing. An antivirus is highly likely to stop malware before it affects your phone. And, a Virtual Private Network encrypts your data preventing the hacker from reading through your information if he or she gains access to your data. 

To reduce the chances of friends, family, or any close person stumbling upon your OnlyFans page and subscribing to it, you should use OnlyFans’ geo-blocking feature. Using the geo-blocking feature, you can determine who gets to find your page or not based on their location. 

6. Avoid Provoking Your Fans and Promptly Resolve Arguments 

You and your subscribers have feelings, feelings that may be hurt at some point leading to arguments. You or your subscriber might provoke the other leading to an argument. In case the argument is not solved properly, your subscriber may start stalking you to have their revenge or even troll you to ensure your OnlyFans page is banned. Therefore, you are supposed to resolve arguments promptly to reduce the chances of your OnlyFans business failing. 

To resolve an argument, you can set up a meeting with your subscriber so that the two of you can discuss the way forward and agree on specific terms meant to ensure the disagreement never arises again. 

If the argument in discussion had led to a subscriber bad mouthing you to the other subscribers, request the subscriber to let the others know that the feud has been resolved. This move allows you to have a good relationship with your subscribers despite the arguments that you might have had with some of them. 

7. Have a Backup or Support System to Help You when Your Safety is Compromised

Despite following all the safety measures as an OnlyFans creator, at some point your safety may unexpectedly be compromised. To ensure you go through this period with little to no adverse effects on your mental or physical health, you should put in place a system of support or backup earlier enough so that when the times of trouble come, you have some people or a system to rely on. 

Have a friend you trust to support you mentally in case your content leaks or advises you when you get scammed. A friend who can help you track a scammer or who knows the right network of people who can help in case you lose your money to scammers or your content is stolen on OnlyFans. 

You should also know how the legal system works and how to use it to your advantage. Have a strategy in place that you can execute when you must use a legal system. The strategy should specify what you should do and who you should approach, and more.


To stay safe as an OnlyFans creator, you must work on any factor that may arise while running your OnlyFans business negatively affecting your physical and mental health. Your OnlyFans business is dependent on your safety else it will not be of any use to anyone. 

To secure yourself, you should prepare yourself mentally before uploading a post, know how to deal with trolls, be aware of common tactics used by scammers, take care of your mental and physical health, avoid provoking your fans and promptly resolve arguments, have a backup or support system to help you when your safety is compromised, and if you are a faceless creator, you should protect your anonymous identity. 

Staying safe as OnlyFans creator requires your utmost effort and focus, but you do not always have to do it alone. A good OnlyFans agency such as Fandafia Agency can help you stay safe as an OnlyFans creator by giving you a heads up in case their team speculates an impending danger coming your way. Fandafia’s team is at your service 24/7. Book your appointment today

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