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How to Verify Your OnlyFans and the Benefits of Verifying

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As an aspiring OnlyFans creator, reduce the stress and frustrations that come with repeatedly failing to get verified by ensuring you are 18 or of legal age based on your country’s regulations and providing all the details required to prove that you are of age and are the person you claim to be. This is the only way out, else OnlyFans will delay your verification with each request they make for you to provide more information before they can approve your account. These rules also apply to you and your spouse in case you are planning to start a couple’s OnlyFans.

Without verifying your account, you risk losing the opportunity of raking in sustainable income from OnlyFans, building a loyal following, and working from home without anyone bossing you around. These benefits are enjoyed by the successful models who followed the steps outlined in this article, eventually convincing OnlyFans to verify their account. It is a verification system put in place by OnlyFans, and every other creator goes through it.  

OnlyFans’ verification process is simple despite numerous models who have tried getting verified failing miserably, leaving them complaining and whining over the process being too demanding and rigorous. Getting verified in your first try is absolutely possible. Though, to successfully get verified, you must be knowledgeable about the five phases of verification requiring you to provide all the details OnlyFans demands. 

The basic necessities for the verification process do not cost a dime. You must have a working email from a relevant provider and clear photos of you. Moreover, you must have either a legally issued identity card, passport, or driver license. You may also require functional social media accounts already set up. Without these requirements, OnlyFans will not approve your account nor verify it. 

For every failed verification process, OnlyFans sends you an email outlining the errors you made, needing you to correct the errors first. OnlyFans take longer to respond for every failed attempt; therefore, it is critical that you give the first verification attempt your best. Here is how to verify your OnlyFans and reap the benefits at your first verification attempt. 

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How to Verify Your OnlyFans and the Benefits of Verifying2

How to Get Your OnlyFans Account Verified Fast – 5 Sure Ways! 

1. You Must Verify Your Email Address 

When signing up for OnlyFans, you have the option of using your email to sign up or directly signing in using your existing Google or Twitter account. If you use an email to sign up or sign in using your Google account, you must verify your email. If you do not, OnlyFans will send you a warning requiring you to respond by verifying your email first.

If you use email to sign up, the email you decide to use should contain your names, not fabricated names. Why? When the names on your email match with those on the legal documents you provide, OnlyFans finds it easy to trust that you are the rightful owner of the legal documentation provided. Using an email with a fictitious name, may it be branded, lowers the chances of you being verified. 

When creating a couple’s account, create a new email with both of your names included. Though, ensure that the name of the couple whose banking details will be used is at the beginning of the combined names. This move makes the banking details verification process fast and easier. The same trick applies when filling the name field within the sign-up page. 

To sign up using your Google account as a couple, you must create a new Google email account containing a combination of your names. Do not use an existing email with one of the couple’s names. The same positioning rule applies in this case too. 

If you are a prospective faceless OnlyFans creator, do not worry about using an email with your actual names, OnlyFans does not share your personal data with anyone. All the information they collect is securely stored and processed. No one will have access to your email, including subscribers. 

As a faceless creator planning to sign up on OnlyFans, create a new private email using your authentic names. A private email provider such as Proton Mail does not collect your personal details when creating an email, protecting you in case of a data breach. Moreover, Proton Mail uses state of the art technology to protect your account and all the emails you send and receive. Other private email providers to opt for include Tutanota, StartMail, and Mailfence. 

Furthermore, as a faceless creator, avoid using your Google account to sign up because you must verify your email and Google does not offer their users private emails unless you are buying a domain from them. Also, Google collects and tracks your personal information when you create an email on their platform.

Generally, if you decide to sign up to OnlyFans by providing a name, email, and password, or using your Google account, you must verify your email. Also, the name you key in must match with the name on either of the legal documentation you may use. OnlyFans sends you a verification email. If you cannot find it in your inbox, check your spam folder. 

If you choose to open an OnlyFans account using your Twitter account, ensure the names used within the Twitter account match with those used on OnlyFans. If your existing Twitter account has fictitious names, create a new one. 

As couples, if you opt for the Twitter account sign up procedure, you must create a new Twitter account and use both of your names for both the email used to create the Twitter account and the name used on the Twitter account. 

2. Set up Your Profile Properly 

After verifying your email or ensuring that the Twitter account used to open your OnlyFans accounts has a name matching your created OnlyFans name, OnlyFans requires that you update specific sections of your profile. The sections include your avatar image, header image, and information about me.  

OnlyFans requires the information to be filled to help them verify your identity. If you try to skip this step and try to fill in your banking details as a creator, OnlyFans sends you a warning needing you to fill the fields: header image, avatar image, and the about me field. 

Upload pictures clearly showing your face for both the header image and avatar image. Even if you are going to be a faceless creator, ensure you upload clear pictures showing your face. After you are successfully verified, you can change the header and avatar image. 

Despite wanting to be an NSFW “not safe for work” content creator, never upload nude header and avatar images. OnlyFans will not approve your account. 

If you are couples, ensure that both of you are within the images you upload and your faces can be seen clearly. 

When uploading the pictures, do not worry about the crop effect, especially within the header image. Upload high quality pictures as long as the face or faces are distinguishable and match the images on the photos of the legal documents uploaded later. 

Finally, the about me part must be filled. Come up with a quick written description of what you offer and what you are all about. You can always brush up on the profile’s about me field after your account is verified, so do not take too much time thinking about what to write. This move applies to couples too. 

Although OnlyFans stresses on filing the three fields, you should also update your username and display name. Change your profile’s display name to match your name. For couples, input your combined names into the display name area. Since OnlyFans allocates users random usernames, update the name to reflect what you will be offering, or better yet, just have your name as your username. You can change the username later. 

Take time to also specify your location and write a precise bio. Your bio section write up is limited to 1000 characters, that is enough for you to write a convincing story and include a copyright notice to help protect your content. Coupes should also do the same. 

3. Provide Photos of a Valid Passport, Driver License, or Identity Card 

After verifying your email and updating your profile, you must continue the verification process by providing photos of either your passport, driver license, or identity card. OnlyFans uses this data to protect its community from any illegal activities by evaluating whether you are 18 years and above and have provided genuine information to show that you are the person you claim to be.

You must use your mobile phone to submit the photos. If you have logged into your OnlyFans account on your personal computer, OnlyFans provides you with a QR code to scan and proceed with the verification process. You can also request for a link through SMS (Short Message Service) from OnlyFans. 

OnlyFans collaborates with a third party known as Ondato to ascertain that the legal document you provide is genuine and that you are of age. Ondato verifies your identity by extracting particular information from the photos of the legal documents you upload. The information extracted includes your surname, name, gender, nationality, document number, date of birth, date of issue, signature, and expiry date. 

You are required to take a photo of the front and back area of the government-issued document you decide to use. If you are a couple, take photos of your two legal documents side by side because you are the custodians of the account. 

Before submitting the photos, ensure they are not cropped, resized, or edited. They should be clear and colored. All the corners of the photos must be visible, and they should not be covered, censored, or redacted. Do not take a photo of an electronic document such as a scanned copy of the legally issued document. Finally, ensure that the photos are either in .PNG or .jpg format and less than 7MB (Megabytes) in size. 

4. Submit a Clear Selfie and Wait for Approval 

After submitting a government-issued document, you must take a selfie to prove that you are the owner of the account. If you are a couple, ensure both your faces are included within the selfie uploaded. 

Note that OnlyFans never receives any of the facial biometrics that you upload. Ondato processes the biometric information and keeps it. Ondato only provides affirmations to OnlyFans as to whether you passed the personal identification phase and that you are of age to own an OnlyFans account. 

After submitting the selfie, you should wait for OnlyFans’ approval or rejection email. The wait time is about a day to 48 hours. If your account is approved, OnlyFans will require you to provide your banking information. If OnlyFans rejects the details you provided, they will send you an email outlining the errors you made while submitting the required information. A rejection may occur due to the following reasons:

  • Your government-issued document is expired 

OnlyFans does not accept expired government-issued documents. Also, OnlyFans terms and conditions state that you cannot use a document that has only 30 days before it expires. To solve this issue, you either renew the expired document or use another one. 

  • You uploaded a blurry photo 

Blurry photos are not valid because they are not easy to extract data from. If your camera shoots blurry photos, get a better camera phone and use it to take the photos. Ondato is dependent on clear photos for easy extraction of personal information. 

  • Your legal name does not match with the verification name 

Your legal name must match with the verification name on your profile. If OnlyFans marks this as to be the error causing your verification failure, check the spelling of your name. You should also check whether the photos you uploaded are clear because unclear photos contribute to this error. 

  • You provided inaccurate information 

Always counter check your spelling before submitting the verification details. Moreover, ensure that all your photos are vivid enough. All the details you provide must indicate that they belong to a single person only. 

  • OnlyFans may require you to link your social media for further assessment

In case OnlyFans finds your information insufficient to verify your account, they may request you to link your social media accounts for further valuation or provide links to your social media profiles. If this is the case, create either a Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account and provide the links as requested. Though, ensure your profiles on the created social media platforms have similar details to those you have availed on OnlyFans. Linking your social media accounts to OnlyFans should not worry you because you can unlink them after you are verified. 

  • OnlyFans may need you to upload a secondary form of your ID 

In case you provide an unusual ID or one written in a different language other than English, OnlyFans may require you to upload a secondary form of your ID. The secondary ID serves as further evidence that you are a genuine creator, legally accredited. 

  • Your profile is encouraging the use of a non-collaborative payment processor 

OnlyFans makes money by taking a cut of 20% off the paycheck of every creator on the platform. They collaborate with precise payment processors including Visa and Mastercard. Therefore, any mention or plea to prospective subscribers to use another payment processor will get you booted out. For example, including a phrase such as, “PayPal me through…” on the bio section of your profile.  

  • Your profile is marketing escort services 

OnlyFans does allow anyone to sell NSFW content on their platform, but they also have rules restricting the sale of specific services such as escort services. Therefore, if your profile seems to suggest any form of meet ups for sex and such, OnlyFans will not approve your account. You should eliminate any keywords indicating that you would love to meet with your subscribers to sell sexual services to them. 

  • You are making an application for two creators or more 

When making an application for two or more people, you should be careful not to miss any important details such as the ones outlined when creating a couple’s OnlyFans account. OnlyFans may also require you to provide more information when the application involves more than one party. 

  • You did not upload the front and back of your selected legal document 

You must upload the front and back of your selected legal document and ensure the photos are clear. Uploading only one side of the legal document will lead to OnlyFans sending you a declination email. 

  • Some technical issues might have occurred 

At times, OnlyFans’ systems might have some technical issues. If that is the case, they will send you an email alerting you of the same and when you should resubmit your details for verification. In case you get every step of the process correct and still do not get verified, reach out to OnlyFans support team. They will let you know what is causing your continued verification to fail and help you fix the issues. 

  • You uploaded the wrong file format 

The accepted file format of the photos you upload are .PNG and .jpg. Uploading photos of other formats such as JPEGs leads to your disqualification. Before you upload any picture, check its properties to ascertain that its file format matches OnlyFans declarations. 

5. Verify Your Banking Information 

After OnlyFans has approved your profile, you must add your banking details to facilitate payments. This is the last phase of verification. You must provide information including your legal name, ZIP code, city, address, and date of birth before selecting a withdrawal method. You can link your Visa or Mastercard or request for bank deposits to accepted bank accounts. If you are using a card, do the following to reduce the chances of your credit or debit card being denied by OnlyFans:

  • Ensure your card has not gone over the credit limit. 
  • Ensure your card has at least $1 dollar in it because OnlyFans carries out a one-time ten cent charge to establish whether your card is functional. 
  • Your card must be 3D secure and issued by a valid and legally accepted issuer. 
  • Ensure there are no bank issues with your card such as fraudulent transactions. 
  • Your card should be functional and not suspended by the issuer. 
  • Check whether the card you are using is expired because OnlyFans will not accept it. If you have an expired card, renew it before using it to verify your OnlyFans account. 

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3 Benefits of Verifying Your OnlyFans 

1. You Get Paid as a Creator 

Once OnlyFans verifies your account, officially making you an OnlyFans creator, you can proceed to set your subscription fee or have a free page where you earn through other ways such as tips. 

OnlyFans strives to connect creators to their loyal fans also known as subscribers. To get your first subscriber, you must promote your OnlyFans account. If you have an initial social media following, all you have to do is to announce to your audience of your newly set up OnlyFans profile. OnlyFans provides you several ways you can use it to make money on the platform. These are some of the ways you can earn on OnlyFans:

  • Joining the referral program 

OnlyFans referral program allows a verified creator to earn 5% of the referee’s earnings for the first 12 months after joining the program. You have the potential of earning a maximum of $50,000 for every successful referral you make. To earn more money through the referral program, you can promote OnlyFans on various platforms such as Reddit and leave a link for the interested ones to join through. 

  • Charging a subscription fee 

As an OnlyFans creator, you can have a maximum of two creator pages, a free one and a subscription one. For the free one, all your prospective subscribers do not pay any amount to view your content. Subscribers are required to add their banking details and start viewing your free content. On the other hand, a subscription page requires the probable subscriber to pay a subscription fee before they can consume any content on that page. You can make more money by setting up both a subscription and free page. 

  • Live streaming 

OnlyFans allows creators to earn through stream gates. This means, you get to charge subscribers to join your live streams. The minimum amount you can charge is $5. This is a great way of also spotting your loyal subscribers because they are the ones who will pay for your live streams the most. During live streams, you can also ask your subscribers to tip you, earning you more money. 

  • Requesting for tips 

For every post you create on OnlyFans, you can include a tip amount. OnlyFans has an inbuilt tipping feature. To make the whole tipping process easier, you should create a tipping menu where you outline the amount you expect for each tip and the reward accompanied with each. A tip menu creates a competitive environment where your subscribers fight to get your attention, earning you more money. 

  • Selling pay-per-view content 

OnlyFans powers custom content selling through pay-per-view messages. If you get special requests from subscribers, you can charge them for the content you create based on their needs using pay-per-view messages. You can also sell bundles of content such as photos using pay-per-view messages. When you use the pay-per-view feature, the subscriber must pay before viewing the locked content. 

  • Featuring in other creators’ content 

After creating a network of creators and becoming an accomplished creator, you can get paid to feature in other creators’ content. You do not have to travel to the other creator’s place to feature in their content, unless you really want to do so. OnlyFans has a co-streaming feature you can use to collaborate with any other creator after sealing a collaboration deal with them. 

2. You Get to Establish a Following of Loyal Subscribers 

Compared to other platforms such as TikTok and YouTube that do not charge your followers to view your content, OnlyFans allows subscribers to consume your exclusive content. Therefore, most of your subscribers tend to create a personalized level of connection with your content, making them your loyal followers. The ego of paying for your content, makes your subscribers feel superior to the other people who consume regular and free content. 

To further nurture your subscribers to loyal returning customers, you should always deliver quality and valuable content. Quality and valuable content is appealing to the eye and solves a critical problem. Most of your loyal subscribers will stick with you for a long period because you help them solve their recurring issues. 

You should also keep your audience engaged by responding to their comments and creating fun and interesting content. Especially when hosting live events, you should make them as lively as possible by including fun activities and competitive games.

Moreover, you should post content consistently. Keep in mind that your subscribers pay for your content and the only motivating factor is content. Therefore, you should be serving them with consistently high-quality content regularly. To post content consistently, you should create bulk content and schedule it for posting. This move relieves you of the stress of having to create content every day or when you are exhausted. 

3. You Get to Be Your Own Boss 

You should not treat OnlyFans as just another way of earning extra income, OnlyFans is a business and the first step of setting up the business is getting verified as a creator. By consistently and progressively posting content on your OnlyFans and promoting it, you will keep growing your subscriber count to the point of quitting your nine-to-five. It all starts with a simple step of having your OnlyFans account approved and verified. 

Once you get verified, you get to determine the amount you will charge for your content and when to create content. You also decide what amount of content you want to produce with reference to the amount of time you have. The extent of growth is dependent on your efforts and skills. 

You can also surrender your verified account to an OnlyFans agency, enabling you to focus on other responsibilities while the agency guides you on how to make more money. You will only be needed when it is time to create content. Once you have created enough content, you go back to doing more with your life while the agency ensures you are earning consistently. For example, a great agency such as Fandafia has enabled several models to change their lives and live the lavish lives they desired. 


Verifying your OnlyFans is the first step towards starting to make money on the platform. To verify your account, you must verify your email address, set up your profile properly; provide photos of a valid passport or driver’s license, or identity card; submit a clear selfie and wait for approval; and verify your banking information. The verification phases are five and simple to follow through, but you must read through every phase without skipping any bit of information because that may lead to a rejection. 

Verifying your OnlyFans account exposes you to three main benefits. One, you get paid as a creator. Two, you get to establish a following of loyal subscribers. Three, you get to be your own boss. But you must bear in mind that the only way to enjoy these benefits is by first verifying your OnlyFans account. 

If you have been trying to verify your OnlyFans account and failed several times, do not give up. Reach out to Fandafia for help. Fandafia Agency has a team of experienced OnlyFans account managers who will help you set up an OnlyFans account and verify it for you. They only require you to book a consultation session with them. Fandafia Agency is available 24/7 for you. Book your consultation today.

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